TMAX 530 '12-16

The Italian Factory SC-Project has realized a complete group specific for the new TMax 530, the absolutely most sold scooter of big dimension with a motorbike frame and a belt transmission.

The 2-1 SC-Project complete exhaust system maintains small diameter collectors with specific internal measures for the new TMax 530, suitable collectors to maintain power during acceleration and sprint. The collector presents a conical part before the connection in the terminal which has specific internal measures – since this terminal doesn’t come from the wide range of silencers created for other motorbikes with bigger cubage and with more cylinders but it is a terminal with a reduced intern which fits the characteristics of the 530cc  bicylinders  with collectors designed for 2012 TMax .
The important technical news is in the final part of the complete group – before the connection in the terminal-  which presents the external conical joint 52>60>70 mm. The big  joint with an external 70mm joint is internally silenced and it allows to reduce decibel without any influence on performance, which is guaranteed by the initial connectors with small diameter, by the conical shape of the joint and by the silencer with  internal measures specific for the characteristic of the exhaust gas flow of TMax.
The 70m joint with visible TIG welding on conical parts has silenced properties and it is esthetically aggressive: the remarkable joint dimension fulfills the space left by the original terminal. The exhaust system sound is hollow, deep but never annoying: the exhaust system is the worldwide famous SC-Project oval silencer with carbon bottom, which is available in titanium or in black satin stainless stele, both homologated with extractable db killer.
A strong weight reduction and a high performance improvement is guaranteed.

Full System 2-1 With Oval Silencer

Street legal version according "EU" regulations. DB Killer removeable to modify from street legal configuration to racing configuration
Product is supplied with all fittings requ...

Price €610
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