Faq – Product purchase

Faq – Exhaust system replacement

  • How can I find the products I am interested in?
  • In the product page you have to select your motorbike model, and you will be direct to the specific page with all products available for your motorbike. (www.scproject-shop.com/prodotti.html ).

    If you do not find the model of your motorbike, do not hesitate to contact us by the following link

  • I am a private customer, is it possible to buy directly online on your web site?
  • Of course  you can buy directly on or website, since we sell directly to final customer (people and private)

  • How can I order the products I am interested in?
  • Choose the product you are interested in, then to order it you have just to click the link “ONLINE SHOP” and you will be redirect to our online shop

  • Order by online shop/e-commerce:
  • In the product page select your motorbike model and you will be redirect to the specific page with all products available for your motorbike. Select the finishing of the exhaust system you are interested in, click on “add” button and – if you do not have to add other products- click on “Check out”, otherwise click on “continue shopping”. To complete your purchase you must fulfill all mandatory fields (the ones with the asterisk *) and if shipment info are the same as the ones for the invoice, you have just to tick the specific box. Choose the payment method you prefer among the ones proposed and click on the button “check out”.

  • Is the order I have done confirmed?
  • In a minute we will send you automatically an email with the details of your order: we ask you to verify your spam box or not desired mail, since sometimes our emails are wrongly moved in this box.

    If you do not receive any mail in the following 24hors (Monday – Friday), please contact our info-line or send us an email : support@sc-project.com

  • What about shipment cost?
  • Shipment is done by express courier BRT -Bartolini and is done in the following 24hours (if products are ready in prompt delivery) an costs 15euros with payment in advance or cash payment on delivery

  • What about payment method?
  • Choose the method you prefer among:

    Bank transfer in advance: if you want to pay by bank transfer in advance you need our bank account data which we will mail you immediately after your purchase.
    Cash payment on  delivery: the courier will ask to pay the total amount at the delivery of your order. Please prepare the exact amount of money, since the courier does not accept bank cheque and cannot wait (it is an express courier). This service is available only in Italy.

  • When will my order be fulfilled?
  • If the product you have order is in prompt delivery  (this info is present in the product page), the order will be shipped in the following 24hours (if there are not other indication); if products are not in prompt delivery you have to wait between 5-15 days and this timing can change according to the amount of orders or according to the kind of product you requested. This info if available in the mail of confirm order.

  • I am never at home , how can I receive my order?
  • If you are never at home in the hours when the courier delivers, you can ask for a stationary storage by the nearer courier office. Then you will go to pick up your products  directly at the courier office when you desire. This info has to be set in the note field. Otherwise it is possible to ask for the delivery by another address, as by your job place, company or office.

  • If I need more info who can I contact?
  • You can contact us from Monday to Friday by: contact SC-Project (page link)

  • Does the exhaust system kit include all that is necessary for and easy and correct mounting on the motorbike?
  • Yes, it does. Every exhaust system kit includes in its box the specific mounting kit relating to the motorbike it is  meant to and each kit includes: silencer, specific junction (collector, if foreseen), extractable db killer, silencer holder band (if foreseen), springs, screws, SC-Project heat resistant adhesives for silencers, ministerial homologation card to ride on the road (only for the homologated version)

  • If I mount a SC-Project exhaust system, is it necessary to remap the control unit and effect other alteration on the motorbike?
  • Each motorbike and each exhaust system meant for it have different characteristic, and some version need a remap or to add a central unit, whereas other ones do not request any alteration. The substitution of the only silencer usually does not imply the addition of another central unit, as opposed to complete systems (collectors) which guarantee the best performance together with additional central unit or remapping of the series center unit (where possible)

    For the majority of the motorbikes no alteration is necessary on the motorbike or at the central unit, since SC-Project exhaust system are improved for each kind of motorbike to guarantee a better performance without any changes at the central unit and at the original carburation of the motorbike. The usage of an additive central unit is suggested according to the mounting of a complete group of collectors or of a silencer which – for the characteristics of the motorbike- can remove the original catalyst of the motorbike. However on motorbikes with the only silencer, the adoption of an additive central unit with specific mapping and a more performing filter, can contribute to improve the supply of and the highest power of the motorbike.

  • What kind of central unit and after market filter do you suggest to combine to SC-Project products?
  • We suggest to combine our exhaust system kit with AFM central unit and air filter SC-Project Air Filters

  • My motorbike has a catalyst, what about changing the exhaust system
  • The removal of the original catalyst is possible only on some model of motorbike, whereas on other model the series catalyst keeps set inside the original collectors of the motorbike and when you set SC-Project exhaust system it is not removed. However some motorbike models have two catalysts, the former (of bigger dimension) in the original collectors and the latter (of smaller dimension) in the series silencer.

  • My motorbike has a Lambda probe on the exhaust system, what about mounting SC-Project exhaust system kit?
  • For the motorbikes where the replacement of the original silencer foresees the elimination of the Lambda probe . A specific joint is foreseen for SC-Project silencer, which has a specific casing for Lambda probe in order to keep the configuration with Lambda probe installed

  • My motorbike has a valve on the original exhaust system, what about mounting SC-Project exhaust system kit?
  • On some model the valve is set before the silencer, so it is not kept away, whereas on other models it is removed together with the original silencer. It does not imply loss of power or damages to the motorbikes

  • Homologation for road circulation and certificates
  • Each SC-Project exhaust system kit has a regular ministerial homologation both for acoustic  discharge and for the polluting ones (on request and only for some models). The following laws are respected, for the free circulation on public road:

    Acustic discharge – Directive 97/24/EC chapter 9

    SC-Project company is officially authorized to produce exhaust systems for motorbikes with ministerial certifications which are directly issued by the Italian Transport  Ministry and by the German TUV.

  • In case of stop by the police what does certificate that SC-Project exhaust system is regularly homologated?
  • Each exhaust system is endowed of specific homologation stamping . We also supply an homologation card, specific for each motorbike model which has to be presented in case of check by the police. Each card is specific and presents both the identification details of the silencers (homologation number and sign) and details of the motorbike it is destined. The specific info of the motorbike model are set in the homologation card: motorbike model, engine code, variant and type.

  • What improvement implies the adoption of a SC-Project exhaust system than the original one?
  • The visible improvements  you can have mounting a SC-Project exhaust system are numerous:

    - Big weight reduction than the series exhaust system, from 30% to 70% according to models, due to the usage of the best material available ac stainless steel AISI 304, titanium and carbon fiber.
    - Performance increase  than the original system. The increase changes according to the motorbike model; usually the performance improvement changes from +1cv to more than 13 cv in some models.
    - Aggressive sound with racing tone respecting homologation level
    - Aesthetic line characterized by a strong personality and researched design.



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